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Homeless ex-marine gathers crowd with his soulful piano skills

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He looked lost and sad, but then his playing stunned everyone passing by!
In general, our society tends to underestimate the homeless population.
Even so, the homeless are people just like anyone else, and many of them are extraordinarily talented.
In this video, one homeless man dropped people’s jaws when he sat down at a street piano. He has long hair and a scruffy beard, but when he begins to play, it is a bolt from the blue and completely amazing.

It has been noted many times before, but may we remind you once again that the world is full of examples why you never judge a book by its cover!
The man from this video is former US Marine, Donald Gould.
His life story is heart-breaking. Though the video was posted in 2015, sources that have kept track of him claim that he is in a much better place today.
After his wife died in 1998, he battled with drugs and became homeless. He has been living on the streets for 10 years.
In this video, he plays the piano on a public sidewalk. That public piano is part of an art project in Sarasota, Florida and anyone can play.
People were surprised by his talent and obviously didn’t expect it.
When he sat and began to play, people stopped and listened to him in shock.

We assume that due to his appearance, people probably expected a violent or aggressive man—certainly not a skillful pianist.
The situation reminds us that the world is full of prejudices, but there are always amazing people who can convince us otherwise.
His talent is undeniable!
Plenty of people commented that he has magic fingers, and his playing left the internet breathless.
The best part of the video is when a man sits next to him holding a child in his lap, and they both continue to enjoy this man’s music.
Still, your heart will sink when he man answers a simple question.

When asked by an interviewer about his everyday routine, Donald simply replied that he just likes to “make a few tips and make people happy.”
This answer is brilliant and sad at the same time because the homeless maestro brings a lot of joy to other people and carries his burden of troubles all alone.
It is an excellent example of the power of music and the way it keeps a lot of people from falling apart.
We think that there should be more public places like this, with an instrument or other forms to entertain oneself and others. Gould is a beautiful, humble soul with breathtaking talent.
As it turns out, Gould is under contract with broadcast networks today!
Luckily, this video changed Gould’s life and he is under the contract and working on some new projects.
His album “Walk on Water” is now available on Amazon. His looks changed a lot, he’s got a new haircut and seems happier and healthier than before.
It all seems almost surreal, but this man found the salvation he deserved and it is a huge inspiration.
When we think of this story, it’s clear that everything happened just because there was a piano sitting on a sidewalk!

It only confirms that we rise by lifting others. This talented man is living proof that anyone can get a second chance and that we shouldn’t give up hope.
We hope that he stays on the right path and we wish to see him at an even bigger platform, successful and happy.
Congratulations to Donald Gould on his success!
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