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Fans are swooning for this adorable Sheepadoodle who looks exactly like Charlie Brown’s Snoopy

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She could be the star of a live-action remake!
When you see those iconic black ears, oval face, and black nose, it doesn’t take long to recognize that it’s Snoopy.
Created by Charles Schultz, Charlie Brown’s adorable, universally-loved beagle won everyone’s hearts in all the adventures he had with the likes of his owner, Charlie Brown, as well as Lucy, Linus, Woodstock, and Peppermint Patty.

But beagles rarely ever come in the colors Snoopy is. This dog, though not a beagle, looks like the splitting image of Snoopy.
Beagles are typically white, cream, and black. You’d be hard-pressed to find a beagle with the simple two-color pattern that Charlie Brown’s iconic beagle sports.
Of course, that doesn’t make beagles any less adorable.
Bayley the Sheepadoodle, though, really looks like Snoopy.
And it’s the reason she’s so famous.
Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity? Well, I suppose the same thing can happen to dogs.
Bayley is soft, adorable, and incredibly photogenic.
Bayley received some crazy exposure after a post from @doodledogsclub pointed out her resemblance to the iconic Snoopy.
The post read “With those big ears and that button nose, Bayley is the perfect real-life version of our favorite cartoon dog.”

Could you just imagine Bayley doing that iconic Snoopy dance with the piano playing?
And just like Snoopy, Bayley does get dressed up for different themes. She looks precious in all of them and rocks the look just as cool as Snoopy can.
She even has several photos with her ears resting on the ground like Snoopy’s ears do. But Bayley is an adorable dog on her own, putting aside the resemblance to another adorable dog.
But what is a sheepadoodle? How did this obscure breed end up producing a dog that looks so much like a cartoon beagle?

A sheepadoodle is what happens when you cross a miniature poodle and an old English sheepdog.
So you get the size of the former, the fluffiness of the latter, and the combined cuteness of both.
Dogtime describes the breed as a “great family dog” and “great companions for single-person households.”
They’re also sometimes called “Sheepdogpoo”, and you can guess why that name isn’t very popular.
Crossbreeds and mutts are also generally healthier than purebred dogs. Selective breeding has really given a lot of dogs severe genetic disorders and predisposed them to harmful complications.
Having a crossbred dog with more diversity in its genes can result in better quality of life, and a much happier dog. I mean, just look at Bayley.

Even the numerous comments Bayley gets still have a few reading “SNOOPY IS REAL!” and “Snoopy is still here!”
Bayley manages to rock hats, shirts, beanies, and shades. She’s a star.
The dog’s Instagram account now sits at over 300,000 followers. Bayley had less than 1,000 before the viral Snoopy comparison. So yes, I’d say the resemblance probably helped a bit.
What’s next in store for this sheepadoodle? A trip to France? Helping its owner start a Christmas celebration? Maybe attend a baseball game?
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