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Baby girl grabs mom and dad’s hands at dinner table for sweet mealtime prayer

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She knows what makes the food so good and she’s all in for saying Grace.
“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6.
As you hold your child for the first time, you promise yourself that you’ll do your best to raise them the best way you can.
It will be challenging.
But as a parent, we only want our children to grow up kind, humble, empathic, and God-fearing.

As parents, we might find ourselves looking for ways how we can mold our children to be beautiful and kind people.
However, children might do as they are told, but what stays with them is what they actually see from their environment.
Being role models to our children is one of the best methods to teach them.
This baby girl learns by doing.
Eloise’s parents know how important it is to set a good example.
In this video, Eloise Incorvaia is just a toddler.
She’s only 20 months old.
The video was short, but it garnered over a million views for the most adorable reason.
Even if Eloise was too young to learn and understand the concept of faith, prayers, and respect, her parents had already started showing her their importance.
Before every meal, the family offers a prayer of gratitude for the food and all the other blessings life has brought them.
They hold hands, close their eyes, and offer thanks.
In the video, we see Eloise sitting in her high chair, ready to eat her meal.
There was pasta, carrots, and soup.
Everyone’s ready, but her parents won’t forget one of the most important parts of every meal – a prayer.

Before her parents started feeding her, Eloise saw that her parents were starting to join hands.
She does the same and then closes her eyes.
She’s all too eager to join in.
On hearing the word prayer, she extended her tiny hands towards her parents’ and her eyes closed, prepared to hear her Dad’s words.

“Heavenly Father, thank you so much for this food, and thank you so much for my beautiful girls. Let this food bless our bodies and keep us safe,” said John Incorvaia, Eloise’s father.
Then, Eloise gets ahead of herself.
Before he ends the prayer with an Amen, little Eloise excitedly says “Amen” for them.
She opens her eyes, ready to eat her meal.
People fell in love.
They admired the baby girl showing respect and love for prayer.
At her age, many people who viewed the video said the parents did a very great job being good examples and showing how it’s done.
Truth is, the only way Eloise would have known how to do this is through habit.
This means the parents do this every time they have a meal.
The impact it had on their daughter shows what they are doing in their home.
Since they uploaded the video, little Eloise has already been featured in several news shows.
She was even on The Ellen Show.

Today, Eloise is nine years old and is still a sweetheart. She is now a big sister to an equally beautiful sister and a handsome brother.
We’re pretty sure their parents will share the same values with them as they did with big sister Eloise.
One thing is certain. The long viral video of Eloise eagerly saying her mealtime prayers never gets old to watch.
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