Is Skydiving Safe or Dangerous?

#1 Is Skydiving Safe or Dangerous?

It is the closest thing to flying a person can experiment, it’s pure adrenaline, and the rush is like nothing anyone can imagine. It is one of the things an animal would never ever try, only us humans could come up with such a death-defying act and do it for fun. In short: Skydiving is a “sport” involving a person jumping down from an aircraft while in flight and parachuting to the ground (which is kind of insane). Skydiving can be done individually and with other people, lots of training is required to go solo (you would think the only company you would need is gravity). The jump can also be made from a helicopter or the bottom of a hot air balloon from 4,000 Milles or 13,000 ft., overall, this sport seems exciting enough, but one has to ask if falling out of the sky 4 miles up is safe or dangerous.


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